Plates of Meat is an independent UK based quarterly publication by Silva Cunningham.
The magazine seeks to center the current work of young creatives or those up and coming within the creative industry, It is a magazine for and by those same creatives. Plates of Meat seeks to capture the experience of growing up in the modern age - with each issue looking into a different phase that relates to the young people featured.

The title, “Plates of Meat” is cockney rhyming slang for ‘feet.’ When the publication started in late 2020, I was 18 years old, and thought the name was ‘the perfect blend of whimsical and dumb’ - I couldn’t find anything that really excited me at the time, and so I wanted to make something that me at 16 would’ve picked up and cut up and loved dearly. The name came from the most ‘common fetish’ - feet - I wanted it to be a magazine for me and anyone else who saw something in it.

Plates of meat features some of the best and bright artists.
The Publication seeks to gradually explore the nature of growing up in a very natural human way. Each issue is a bridge further into -being grown- so to speak.
The first issue, 'sex and fetish' brought the magazine into the world, kicking and screaming

The second issue, 'Adolessence' or 'Teenage Rampage' sought to age up the magazine to explore life past conception, how we as children become who we are as adutls - does that person change or does their ability to use thier words just become more refined.

The third issue 'Style' sought to question weather stle is more than just what we wear and where we shop, but looks to style being more of a way of life. This issue covers a variety of stylish topics, as well as looking closely at tattoos and what permanent mark making means, described in the magazine as 'not just as the elevated scars we choose to brand ourselves with, but as an extension of who we wish to be seen as.'

As the issues progress, as will the subject matter - the magazine seeks to capture 'us' in the now. Speaking to people who we find inspiring, or to artists and makers who're in the exact same spot as ourselves.
The goal with the zine is to create a small publication not based on the 'cult of trend' or the pursuit of perfection - without significant advirtising, only featuring small artists and makers - It simply seeks to find itself. I think it is an interesting idea for a publication to be unsure of it's own footing in the world - But for it's subject matter, I don't think it could suit it better.


The title was chosen specifically for the first issue, and just kind of stuck - the first issue looked at sex as a domestic task - the least sexy sex magazine you could find - and as a result it was named as such,
'Hunk of Meat' 'Chunk of Feet' 'Plates of Meat.'

Plates of meat is a Magazine about being a young person.

It's a magazine about growing up, A magazine about growing down, A magazine about crossing your heart and hoping to die.

Plates of meat is always seeking submissions or stockists. I love hearing from you in any capacity... please send me an email to get in touch.

Much love,

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